Expert* analysis of three new BATMAN V SUPERMAN photos

WARNER BROTHERS HAVE released (via Empire) 3 new stills from the upcoming Superhero street brawl ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of justice’. While they don’t give much away I have decided to use my extensive detective skills* to decipher what the plot may entail:

*I have been advised that legally I can not use the words ‘extensive’ or ‘skills’ to describe my detecting abilities.

batsignal(click photo to enlarge)

The first shot shows Ben Affleck as Batman staring at the bat signal in the air, whilst standing right next to the device signalling that signal. Now I’m no expert (i have again been advised to not this) but is the signal not rendered pointless if batman is able to turn it on himself? This leads me to the theory that the movie is in fact BatMEN (or People) versus Superman. My other evidence: non existent, my knowledge of Batman Canon: limited, but neither of these facts will stop me from theorising. If I’m wrong, then this photo is pretty stupid.

super-wayne-manor(Click photo to enlarge)

The next still shows Superman in a derelict lobby. The official explanation from Warner Brothers says this is Wayne Manor. Two things about this photo. Firstly, just because you are an alien Clark, doesn’t mean you are immune from being guilty of trespassing and/or breaking and entering, respect the laws of Earth mate. Secondly Bruce Wayne may want to consider hiring some more help, Alfred’s getting old and that place looks like a shit heap to be honest, you’re a billionaire for crying out loud.

Lex(Click photo to enlarge)

Finally a still of Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luther hanging out on a basketball court. This reveals the biggest fact. The white blazer, shaggy hair, old school trainers and giant neon sign. The movie is set in the 80’s!! Also does it seem like they are overcompensating with the overly long hair when we we all know he’s going to go bald?

BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE is set to be released March 25 2016


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