KFC releases bucket/printer combo (presumably enters space race)

HAVE YOU EVER sat down to eat a delicious KFC Bucket with your family and/or friends (or more than likely alone in a darkened room) and thought: “man I wish this meal also had printing capabilities?”. Well if you have you are in luck. KFC Canada have released a tasty Chicken bucket that also includes a bluetooth photo printer. Its called a ‘memories bucket’, and it’s basically on par with us sending a spacecraft to take photos of Pluto in terms of technological achievement.

I don’t know about you but I always feel my most photogenic after I have eaten a bucket of greasy, crumbed, Chicken parts, so this really does fill a void in the market place. As an added bonus the bluetooth signal you send to the printer keeps the Chicken warm.

Check out the PR, sorry I mean ‘infotaining’, video below:


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