You could own Jesse’s house from ‘BREAKING BAD’

HAVE YOU ALWAYS wanted to live in a house where fictional drug orgies, murders and bath-tub body melting occurred? Well today is your lucky day. The Albuquerque home used as Jesse Pinkman’s fictional house in ‘Breaking Bad’ is on the market

If your planning on re-enacting your favourite scenes  though, you may be out of luck; most of the interior of the house differs from the show, as most of the scenes were filmed on sound stages. The lounge is the same, but the house has no basement, so if you want to play ‘drug-dealer hostage’ with your friends you are, sadly, out of luck.

You will also need a good down payment, the current asking price is U.S $1.9 million. On top of the hefty price tag you will also need to like unwanted attention. ‘Breaking Bad’ fans constantly stop by. They take selfies or ride the “Breaking Bad” trolley, which stops by the property three times a day.

Source: KOAT


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