THE CURRENT TREND in TV is ‘unlikeable characters’. From Girls to The Last Man on Earth it’s never been better to be shitty. Following in the footsteps of these shows, and most likely outdoing them immensely, is the upcoming Hulu series DIFFICULT PEOPLE, which starts streaming August 5. I am madly excited for this show and have decided to outline just a few of these reasons below:

AMY. POEHLER: I feel this doesn’t need further explanation, Amy can do no wrong in my books. Although she is only producing this series, her previous producing efforts, on Broad City and the recently cancelled Welcome to Sweden, have been awesome.

Billy Eichner: I have been a fan of Billy since the early days of his series ‘Billy on The Street’, where he yells questions in the face of New Yorkers on the street. It is brilliant. Most people will be aware of him from his turn as the insanely driven Craig on Parks and Recreation. I can’t wait to see him in a starring role.

CAMEOS: Andy Cohen, Amy Sedaris, Fred Armisen, Seth Meyers  and DEBBIE EFFIN HARRY are all slated to appear, amongst many others. I love a good cameo and it looks like they are going to capitalise hilariously on this.

These are literally only a portion of the reasons I am excited. Check out the full trailer, and check back for my review on August 5.


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