How a weird obsession with Colonel Sanders turned him into my idol

RECENTLY I HAVE been watching an unhealthy amount of Youtube clips featuring Colonel Sanders. Call it boredom, or the encroaching cloud of madness that surrounds me, but the more I watched of them the more I became transfixed.

Nowadays The Colonel is more than just a person he is a brand and it is very easy to forget there was a time where he actually existed as a living breathing person. Seeing him being interviewed on TV in the same way the Gomez’s and Grande’s of today really is an intriguing sight. It must be admitted though that most of his interviews were on Christian talk shows, and the topics discuss were generally Chicken and Jesus:

After watching a personally curated marathon of these clips I did my own in depth research, on wikipedia and by typing ‘things you didn’t know about Colonel Sanders’ into Google. Eventually I came to admire Colonel Sanders.

I have decided to outline the reasoning behind my idolisation in an effort to improve myself and help others who are in search of a hero :

REASON 1: He is the epitome of the adage ‘it’s never too late’:

The Colonel dropped out of school in sixth grade. This fact isn’t particularly unusual for the era he lived in, but once he left school he had a plethora of different jobs, and also casuallt shot a guy, before finally becoming a chicken cook at the age of 40. Essentially he was the Morgan Freeman of Fried Chicken. As a person in their mid twenties and no particular direction in life it is comforting to know my chosen vocation, perhaps as a millionaire fry cook, is not out of my grasp.

REASON 2: He became a colonel and didn’t even get it from the military:

It’s a real boss move to take on the title ‘Colonel’, it is even more of a boss move when you didn’t even earn it in the army. Sander’s received his colonel ranking in 1959 when the Kentucky Governor gave it to him due to the popularity of his Chicken. To recap; he became a darn-tootin’ Colonel because he cooked Chicken well. The lesson here is to live everyday and do everything  you do like you are a friggin Colonel.

REASON 3: He could wear the eff out of a white suit:

Once he became a Colonel he decided to dress more like a man deserving of the honour. From there on in he was always seen in the now infamous linen-white suit. He basically always dressed to impress. So next time someone tries to give you advice on how to dress for a job interview or a presentation; ignore them and think of Colonel Sanders. Maybe avoid white though.

REASON 4: He had his own Comic book series:

This is just something everyone should aspire to. I’ll let the cover speak for itself:


In conclusion next time you are indulging in a casual KFC dinner box or, more realistically, sitting the the middle of a darkened room with your shirt off eating a whole bucket of the Colonel’s finest, remember WWTCD: What Would The Colonel Do?


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