TODAY IS THE DAY, The Oscars are set to be handed out later this afternoon NZ time and the car-crash that is E Live From the Redcarpet is on all day. check out the updates across the day, or until I pass out. All update times are NZ time (refresh for newest updates)

6:04pm: Weirdest Oscars ever. Happy for spotlight, happy for Mad Max, happy for The revenant too, but man that was weird.

6:00pm: Best Picture: WINNER: Spotlight

5:54pm: Best Actor: WINNER: Leonardo DiCaprio – The Revenant

5:44pm: Best Actress:WINNER: Brie Larson – Room

5:37pm: Best Director: WINNER: Alejandro González Iñárritu – The Revenant

5:30pm: Ali G is there for some unknown reason…. weirdest oscars in recent years

5:26pm: Best Original Song: WINNER: The Writings on The Wall – Spectre (absolute garbage!)

5:22pm: Best original score. WINNER: The Hateful Eight Ennio Morricone is an absolute legend, it is his first genuinely awarded oscar.

5:10pm: Joe ‘silver fox’ Biden rocks up to a) use up his final VP brownie points b) shine a light on College campus rape culture and c) intro Lady Gaga Performing ‘Til It Happens to you’ from The Hunting Ground

5:08pm: Best Foreign Language Film: WINNER: Son of Saul

5:04pm: Abraham Attar and Jacob Tremblay present best live action short (get it): WINNER: Stutterer

5:02pm: May as well take this lull to point out Mad Max has won more awards than all the other films combined, yet it wont win director or picture. That’s Oscar Logic for you.

4:52pm: we’ve hit the “president of the academy, musical performance, here’s who died” portion of the ceremony, so hold tight, this might be a while

4:43pm: Documentary Feature: WINNER: Amy

4:39pm: Louis C.K hilariously points out how underpaid documentary makers make while presenting Documentary Short Film:

4:36pm: nailed it:

4:30pm: Best Supporting Actor: WINNER: Mark Rylance – Bridge of Spies (huge upset)

4:24pm: Chris Rock goes to a theatre in Compton to talk about #oscarssowhite. We get it, but that dead horse is being beaten.

4:16pm: The Weeknd performs ‘Earned it’ from the multiple Razzie Award winning ’50 Shades of Grey’ on what appears to be the stage of The Phantom of the Opera.

4:11pm: Animated Film is given out by BUZZ and WOODY! Totally making up for the friggin minions. WINNER: Inside Out

4:09pm: Animated Short film is presented by the fucking Minions, I mean if this show isn’t long enough, you have to punish us more. WINNER: Bear Story

4:01pm: The Star Wars Robots gatecrash the stage to honour(?) John Williams’ 50th Oscar nomination

3:56pm: Visual Effects: WINNER: Ex Machina (yesss!) and they play the music from the scene of the year:

3:52pm Sound Mixing: WINNER: Mad Max: Fury Road (seriously!)

3:49pm: Sound Editing WINNER: Mad Max: Fury Road (it has only lost ONE it has been nominated for so far)

3:42pm: Black History Month honouree video plays that seems to be for Will Smith but turns out to be Jack ‘Black’. Weird, but I have a feeling that was what they were going for.

3:41pm: Editing: WINNER Mad Max: Fury Road

3:40pm: As a side note this year’s ceremony is on point, amazing set pieces, camera work and music choices. It looks so good.

3:37pm: Cinematography: WINNER: The Revenant

3:30pm: hilarious:

3:27pm: Make up and Hairstyling: WINNER: Mad Max: Fury Road

3:24pm: Production Design: WINNER: Mad Max: Fury Road

3:21pm: Costume Design: WINNER: Mad Max: Fury Road (!) this could be interesting…

3:16pm: UPDATE: here’s the earlier sketch with black actor’s in the oscar films:

also some context behind the weird Stacey Dash cameo

3:12pm Best Supporting Actress:  Alicia Vikander – The Danish Girl

3:01pm: Chris Rock intros a hilarious VT putting black actors in the oscar nominated films, then self-hating African-American Stacey Dash shows up randomly (seriously WTF). Then Sarah Silverman nails how stupid Bond is while introducing Sam Smith to perform ‘writings on the wall’.


Seriously What The Eff was that??

2:56pm: UPDATE: Chris Rock’s Full opening monologue: (forgive the cut of picture)


2:52pm: Best adapted Screenplay: WINNER: The Big Short – this means the director of Step Brothers now has an Oscar, as God intended

2:47pm: Best Original Screenplay: WINNER: Spotlight

2:37pm: Chris Rock holding no punches, a lot of genuinely uncomfortable audience members, which is fantastic. Most groans definitely for”when your grandma is hanging from a tree you’re not worried about ‘best foreign feature” (referring to how black people had other things to worry about in the past other than the Oscars)

2:25pm: The awards are now ever so close, I am so excited for Chris Rock (as the only black man on stage tonight) to smash the opening monologue. The writing awards are first so expect Spotlight and The Big Short to win possibly their only awards of the night up front.

Also lookout for the new Thank-you scroll!

2:20pm Living for the Oscar Snapchat story right now:

2:14pm: also it is very brave of Kate Winslet to turn up after getting tangled up in a slip’n’slide:


2:11pm: #dreamingold (yes i will keep using this ironically) THIS is what the world wanted #neverletgo


2:08pm: FYI the answer is yes, no interviews in the last hour, only makes #ERedCarpet more ludicrous and redundant:

2:01pm: Brie Larson. Blue goes with gold so well.


1:56pm: Lady Gaga has clearly been advised to tone it the ‘eff’ down post Bowie tribute. Duly noted:


1:47pm: the awards run list has been released, so all those ‘best sound mixing’ fanatics know when to go to the toilet:

Best Original Screenplay

Best Adapted Screenplay

Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Best Costume Design

Best Production Design

Best Makeup and Hairstyling

Best Cinematography

Best Film Editing

Best Sound Editing

Best Sound Mixing

Best Visual Effects

Best Animated Short Film

Best Animated Feature

Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Best Documentary Short Subject

Best Documentary Feature

Best Live Action Short Film

Best Foreign Language Film

Best Original Song

Best Original Score

Best Director

Best Actress in a Leading Role

Best Actor in a Leading Role

Best Picture

1:44pm: Every year Judd Apatow is interviewed arriving at that Vanity Fair party super early. It just shows you the non-nominees really have the best nights

1:38pm: Jacob Tremblay is going to get Turnt tonight. #dreamingold little one:

1:25pm: Bryan Cranston is Hilar and needs another comedy vehicle) but even Seacrest can wear the best down. The interview begins by dropping a cookie, asks  a ridiculous question about role models and hollywood blacklisting (sigh).

1:19pm Prior to interviewing the fabulous Brie Larson (!) the E! team was definitely feeling a tad desperate for something:

1:06pm: There is a feeling his is going to be one of the most political Oscars ever with #oscarssowhite and obviously:

1:03pm EARLIER HIGHLIGHT. Little Charmer Jacob Tremblay when asked for his perspective of the redcarpet:


Saorise Ronan


Alicia Vikander:


Daisy Ridley:


12:22pm: Ladies and gentlemen, George Michael!  

12:18pm: Ballot Complete! (and Mindy Kaling is on #ERedCarpet, and yes I will keep pointlessly hashtagging that)

12:10pm: Rocky is on his way!

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On my way to the Oscars… It's been a most memorable year.

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12:05pm: Gena Rowland, recipient of tonights Honorary Oscar is interviewed by Ryan Seacrest on #ERedcarpet, does about as well as an 85 year old lady would. Ryan Seacrest powers on like the oblivious robot he is

11:54 am: While no celebrities have arrived yet I thought I would share this meme that made me laugh (mainly because I have no idea what these people were actually doing):ccvsil6waaan-ne

11:45am: #ERedCarpet so far has just been celebrating the fact that Guliana Rancic has been doing it for ten years this years. It wouldn’t be Oscar Day without some self congratulation.



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